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Additional Roofing Services

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Roof Chimney Caps: Keeping Water Out of Your Home

One of the leak-prone problem areas of your roof is the chimney. If improperly installed and not covered with flashing, water can infiltrate your house through the crack between roof and chimney. Chimney flashing is applied at the base of the chimney with a continuous sheet of metal so that water runs around this problem spot and cannot enter your home. Joe Ritchie can install the right cap and flashing for you, stopping leaks and keeping your home safe!

Roof Flashing: Roof Protection In A Flash

Intersections of your roof, corners where one part of the roof joins with another, are a problem area for roof leaks. Installing roof flashing will prevent water from collecting in one place and penetrating the fine seams where the wood joins together. Roofing work that includes flashing, which is standard with all Joe Ritchie roof installations, involves placing a plate of galvanized metal over these potential leak spots, preventing water penetration.

Roof Leaks: Keeping A Small Hole From Becoming A Huge Disaster

The Joe Ritchie team will come to your home to find and fix roof leaks, often right on the spot before they become a serious problem. Whether caused by an improper installation of flashing on chimneys, skylights, corners and joints on your roof, a poorly installed drip edge, or damage from wear and tear or storms, our team will give you a professional analysis of your problem, the best options to provide a fix, and the quality work to keep your roof protecting your family for years to come

Roof Ventilation: Circulation For Your Home

Proper ventilation in your roof ensures your ordinary household activities aren’t a threat to your home or family. Laundry, showers, dish washing and cooking can create lingering water vapor inside your house, which can lead to toxic mold, peeling paint, warped wall or other dangerous rot. Our team can ensure your home is properly ventilated with work you can trust.

Skylights: Brighten Your World

Offering beautiful windows to the heavens, Joe Ritchie and team can install skylights and sun tunnels in your home’s roof. Whether it’s in-reach or out of reach we can help you find the perfect solution to offer natural sunlight for your home and increased ventilation.

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